We are Creative

Bastta is a creative mech marketplace the strive to help talented artists and creative writers to grow their horizons and to create something extraordinary. Bastta believes in passion and the power of once calling so we here try to make sure that every one that are connected to us stay motivated and excited and they are passionate about what they do. Be it our artists or interns, everyone puts their calling first or we help them find it.

We also make creative and exciting merch for the passionate hearts like yourself. We sell a variety of designs and creative mech for every passionate heart. Our target customer isn’t defined by age because believe that your age is just a number, don’t you agree?

Rather our customer base is everyone who is adventurous enough to step out of their comfort zone and discover what was meant for them.


Better than any visual

Our goal is to become the best creative and passionate merch marketplace that helps artists, designers, writers and passionate students to find their calling and to fuel up their passion.

We would love to have you along this journey, because as we grow you will grow too.

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