As an Artist, Join us to create your own Brand and Earn Money with Bastta.

From Professionals to Hobbyists, Contact us at to create a free account and start monetizing your passion.

"Create what you love and connect with others who share your passion. Thousands of individuals come to BASTTA to find inspiration and enthusiastic work."

What makes us different?

The following are the distinguishing characteristics that make us stand out.

Good Margin

We want our artists to make the most money possible from their work, therefore we keep the selling price affordable.

Superior Quality

We employ top-of-the-line materials and cuttingedge procedures to ensure that your artwork is properly represented.

Multi-Device Support

Our website is compatible with desktop or laptop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Help in real time

We have a top-notch customer service team on standby to address any issue you or your client may be experiencing right away.

Secure payments

Don't be concerned about the security of your personal information; we offer a payment option that is 100 % secure.

Create custom branding

We help you build your brand identity with custom products. You share your idea, and we print it.

Expressive designs, trending topics

Unique design on each item created by some of the world’s most talented artists around topics making headlines

Highly ranked & SEO optimized website

ur website is SEOoptimized and ranks first for a variety of keywords and categories.

Sell Professionally

We set up your own personal designer page for you. This specialized web and mobile e-shop allows you to show off your work.

It's all human, no machine

Humans, not machines, create all of the processes and designs

Specially Curated for you

All of the artist / collaborator designs and goods are meticulously crafted and carefully chosen in accordance with the what they need.

PAN India Shipping

We deliver to every corner of the INDIA. So enjoy shopping for our products no matter where you live!

Premium and Secure Packaging

All of the products are packed carefully and safely. Your products come in high-end packaging, so you'll love them both.

100% Free Website

Our website is completely free to use. You don't have to pay to create an account with us, and we never ask for credit card information, even if you've been with us for a long time.

What we have for you?

You Are The One Who Rules.

Flexible pricing gives you complete control over what you earn.

Protect your creations with anti-piracy and watermarking capabilities.

We will always provide 100 percent support to your consumers.


Do what you love & we will do the rest....

A marketplace for selling your art online. We provide a free marketplace where you can sell your designs on premium products

All you need to do is login and upload your artwork:

  • Highest quality product
  • Safe Transactions
  • Secure Packaging
  • Shipping to customers
  • Customer Service


Take your passions to the next level. Become part of an inspiring, talented, community of creatives & make a living doing what you love.

Since it's your art, you get to set the price. You get to set the price once you've uploaded your design. Our artists often receive 20-30 percent of the retail price. There are no minimum orders, no shipping fees, and no need to worry about customer service (we've got you covered). Even when ordering your own things, you save money by merely paying the base cost. It's all profit because you're not paying any extra expenses! If you opt to establish your own prices and sell 50 posters in a week at the example price, that's an extra 5,000rs in weekly money (or 240,000rs per year) in your pocket!



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