About us

About Us

I know people might think that what can a couple of guys from college do. It’s a fair thinking but the world doesn’t know that people with big dreams and a heart filled with passion can change the world around them until they surprise the world with what they have got. Bastta started with a couple of guys, passion, and a few stalls. Stalls will always remain a big part of our story because then on a simple stall we realised the power of dreaming and the power of inspiration. With a vision of inspiring hearts and keeping the flames of passion burning we started taking orders through Instagram. The world isn’t a wish granting factory, we also had our fair share of setbacks and problems. No problem in the world is big enough to break a passionate heart. to turn dreams into reality and to inspire the power of dreaming.  Bastta came to life. Since then, bastta has helped many students to experience the world of passion and have supported them and tried to teach them the value of dreaming.

Bastta supports

talented and passionate artists, designers and creative writers to launch their mech and grow their audience. We believe that life is too small to do the things that you might regret later. Seize the day my friend you won’t get it again. People with a passionate heart can make anything happen, they can single headedly bend trees and cross ocean (in a metaphorical way obviously). No dream is either big or small, dreams are dreams and are meant to be turned into reality. We have faith in every dream and we believe in your calling, if it feels right, it probably is right.

Bastta is a brand for passionate souls:

Be it artists, writers, designers, readers, photographers, poets, entrepreneurs and every single heart which believes in the power of dreams. We have something for all of you, take a good look yourself we are sure you will find something.

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